Place 6 – Day 3: Rome – Job offer! 

Last night, we spent a few hours talking with someone in our room who is from France. He travels every weekend and we talked about all the places he has been and where he wants to go next. He’s been to over 60 countries! We stayed up talking to him until around 1:30am!

Today, we had to go and visit 2 places that were looking for people to work there. 

The first place we went to the boss wasn’t in, and they said to come back at 3pm,so we did but they were not there still, so need to pop back at some point. 

The other place has offered us some work for a room! 

We are confirming tomorrow morning, but we definitely have some work! It is pretty much everything, cleaning, promotion, some IT, cooking, creating atmosphere. Could be worse! 

We’ll be going tomorrow to watch and learn at around 10am, that’s providing we don’t get any other offers! 

It’s been an exciting time today, and we’re actually looking forward to getting to work! We’ll probably be staying here for around a month now, maybe more. 

– Mr and Mrs Hale

Place 6 – Day 2: Rome – Job hunting! 

Today was spent job hunting. It was actually pretty successful, especially in comparison to Lanzarote. 

We have had probably 3 or so possible offers, we will need to go back tomorrow to find out if we have any jobs! 

Tomorrow we’ll be going to look for more, if we need to! 

We’ve taken hardly any photos today, as it’s just been walking looking for jobs!! 

We just have to see what happens. 

– Mr and Mrs Hale 

Place 6 – Day 1: Rome – Let’s Stay! 

Ciao Rome! 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

Now, we’ve been to Rome before, but we’re going again and hopefully for a bit of time, if we can get some work there!

We spent the morning sitting out on the grass by the leaning tower in Pisa. It was a nice warm morning, so we sat there for a few hours before we made the 30 min walk to the bus station. 

We’re still currently on the bus and will arrive in Rome in ~2 hours! 

We’ve got a hostel booked for 3 days, and hopefully we can get a room in exchange for work after that! Fingers crossed. 

– Mr and Mrs Hale