Place 6 – Day 11: Rome – Busy Day! 

For breakfast, Kim had a croissant and Curtis had an orange and chocolate flavored cake, which was awesome! Of course, with a cappuccino! 

Today was a bit busier for Curtis, as there were more people checking in, being a Friday! 

Kim was translating and cutting a menu!

Kim had a nice pasta for lunch, Curtis got nothing! On the plus side, Curtis gets free dinner, so pizza it is! 

Tomorrow, Kim is on the evening on reception, and Curtis is doing the usual fun morning of cleaning! 

– Mr and Mrs Hale 

Place 6 – Day 10: Rome – New Room! 

Whilst we both did the same work today, we’ve had a plus of being moved to our own room! 

Before, we were sharing a VERY small room with 2 others, and it was a little tight and there was nowhere to store our bags, or even move! 

One of the other staff members said this was not right, so this evening we have moved to a 4 bed room (2 x bunk beds) all to ourselves! It’s a shared bathroom, but currently no one else is on our floor, so no problems there! Again, not the best of rooms, but at least we can move and we have some space to ourselves. 

One more floor to walk up, though! 

We’ve not received any indication as to any changes in work schedules, so we are both continuing doing what were doing before (Curtis cleaning and Kim on reception & writing articles), both starting at 8am, after our free breakfast! 

Free meals today included;

For Kim;

– Spicy Pasta. 

For Curtis;

– A meatloaf-type-thing wrapped in Parma ham with lettuce and bread. 

Tonight’s plan is to treat ourselves and after a homemade pasta dish, we’re going to go out for ice cream as we’ve been able to save a lot of money due to the work/sleep/food arrangement! 


– Mr and Mrs Hale 

Place 6 – Day 9: Rome – Learning Italian 

Curtis worked the usual today, actually had a bit more to do today, which was good!

Kim is working right now, doing more articles and being on reception. She’s doing that until 11pm. 

We’ve both been learning/picking up some Italian, which is good. Certainly helps!

We are still unaware of a rota, but Curtis is aware he’s doing the same work, Kim will find out today. Tomorrow should be busier as more people arrive for the weekend. 

Tonight we’ll both enjoy a free dinner, still unsure what it’ll be! 

We’ve been looking at booking our next place and also the rest of Europe, so we’ll get it all done cheaper!


– Mr and Mrs Hale 

Place 6 – Day 8: Rome – Free Breakfast & Nothingness 

Free breakfast was on the cards this morning! The same as the other morning, but free! 

We needed to start work at 8am, so we were up in time to get there for some breakfast and then start work! 

We both did the same for work today, Curtis was cleaning and Kim was writing articles on the reception desk. 

The day was 8 hours for Kim, but 6/7 for Curtis, even though there was only 7 rooms to clean! Most of the rest of the time was spent relaxing which was odd and fairly boring. 

Kim had to write some articles, one of which has been published and can be seen on our Facebook page! 

We were provided with some free lunch, which was a pea and ham omelett-Type-Thing, which was super tasty! This included some potato wedges and salad. 

We went for a little strole after dinner, seeing some nice buildings including the Trevi fountain. 

For dinner tonight, it’s chicken & pesto pasta made by Kim, and then Kim is working at 3pm-11pm on reception tomorrow, whilst Curtis is ‘cleaning’, from 8am.

– Mr and Mrs Hale 

Place 6 – Day 6: Rome – The sights 

Today, we walked around and saw some of the sights. 

Obviously, having been to Rome before, we’ve seen most of the sights, but it is still nice to just bimble around and take in the sights.

It’s odd today, as we have had some rain and the sky is overcast, which we aren’t used to right now!

After walking around, we bought some food for this evening and in about 1 hour we are meeting with the Hostel owner to discuss terms (and hopefully he confirms that we can work therr) for our work at the hostel! 

In other news, Kim met a 2 month old husky and we made hot chocolate with a chocolate bar and hot milk! More of that tonight. 

– Mr and Mrs Hale 

Place 6 – Day 5: A change of plan

Today, we awoke around 8:30 to start another day of work! 

We were unsure what we would be doing, and we ended up doing some more cleaning, along with maintenance along with lugging everything around the place. All a bit weird! 

We decided at lunch time to speak with the other place that we had a partial offer from, and see if the owner was in. 

The owner was not in, but the receptionist who we had spoken to in the past was there and offered us a trial! 

We will start Monday but stay from tomorrow, so have paid for a night at the same place, which was on deal luckily! 

Curtis managed to drop his phone and smash the screen, though it still works, we think we’ll need to go get that fixed as it’s rather irritating. 

We left the previous place, had some lunch and made our way to the next place, en route we went to get some laundry done, which was entertaining! 

We came back after the wash was done to decide what can be dried, and the staff in the shop told us it should be €10, but we paid €15!

Turns out, Kim is scary when she’s angry! Luckily, Kim’s perseverance paid off and we got our €5 back! 

Tomorrow, we will do some relaxing, check into our new room (in the staff dorms) and then get ready to work Monday! 

Also, we are able to get free breakfast each day and a free meal each day!! Saving all the money. 

Kim made an awesome make-shift clothes line, too! 

– Mr and Mrs Hale 

Place 6 – Day 4: Rome – Work, work, work, work, work, work

Work begins! 

Today, we started work at a hostel, though we are still unsure if we are going to be staying, though we have a free bed for tonight! 

We’re currently being put up in a 4 bed dorm with a bathroom. 

The work we have been doing is cleaning and maintenance work, which has been okay, though it’s been, and seems that it may be the whole time, just watching really! 

There is no specific plan, which is frustrating, and we’d like to be on a private room, really. 

We’re going to another place tomorrow which seems much nicer and we’ve been looking at for a few days, which has seemed very promising, so we will see what comes from that! If we get that we’ll be here for ~6 weeks. 

We are doing 5 hours a day of work at the moment, which is not bad, but we don’t get breakfast or even have a kitchen we can cook in! 

Hopefully, things will get better for tomorrow! 

– Mr and Mrs Hale