Place 49 & 51 – Day 73 & 3: Auckland & Invercargill – A New Place To Live!

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim was on reception by herself again in the morning so she got herself up and into work bright and early.

She got in and set up for breakfast and then went around and opened up the bar area. Kim then helped arrange the outside furniture too. Once the restaurant had been set up Kim sat herself down and got all the paperwork together for the check outs. Throughout the morning all of the guests checked out and Kim monitored all of the emails.

During her 15 minute breakfast break Kim called home to wish her dad a happy birthday! It as kind of weird because here we are very much well into the day after his birthday but it was still nice for Kim to get to talk to him and wish him a happy birthday. It is weird doing the second round of virtual happy birthdays!

Kim spent the early afternoon organising the upcoming bookings and responding to emails. She then did a quick check round of all the rooms and did a couple of check-ins too. A pretty successful day!

Kim headed home to relax for a while in the afternoon. At around 5pm, Kim agreed to pick up a work friend on her last day of work and drop her off in another town, it was on the way to where she was heading and it was nice to have one final catch up!

Kim dropped her friend off and then headed over to a possible flatmate situation. This apartment was exactly what Kim and Curtis had discussed as their perfect apartment, one other person in the perfect location. When Kim arrived she got on well with the owner of the flat straight away, they ended up talking for about an hour about where they had been and how they had both ended up in a very newly rented out flat. At the end of the meeting Kim got handed the keys to the apartment so that they can move in with her on Sunday! Hopefully this is actually the last time that Kim and Curtis move while in Auckland. Kim is pretty certain of it, she has a good feeling!!

Kim then drove home, on cloud nine, and stopped at a shop on the way to by a celebratory chocolate bar. When she got back, she then treated herself to pizza and ginger beer for dinner and spent the evening watching YouTube videos and calling Curtis. A pretty successful day today!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis woke up at 07:00, had a shower and then he and Richard went for breakfast in the hotel.

Once breakfast was done, they both did some work at the hotel and then Richard went off to a client whilst Curtis stayed at the hotel.

Curtis got a bit of work done whilst at the hotel, but it was fairly boring so he made sure that at around 14:00 he went out and got some fresh air and some lunch. He got a cappuccino and a chicken wrap with salad.

Curtis headed back to work and got a bit more done and helped out some other colleagues with work.

Once Richard arrived back Curtis went with him for a long walk just to get more fresh air.

They got back and Curtis spoke with Kim about our awesome apartment news!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale


Place 49 & 51 – Day 72 & 2: Auckland & Invercargill – Late Start But Late Finish & Self Made Plumber

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim spent the morning asleep! It was so lovely and she felt it was deserved, seeing as she got up to take Curtis to the airport at 4am the morning before.

When she eventually woke up Kim relaxed and had breakfast and then got ready for work.

Kim was on reception so spent the afternoon checking people in and booking people in for future stays. Kim did have to tip to the hardware store, buy and then install a new shower hose thing. That was a first for Kim but apparently it works, so it was a success!

Kim was also managing the reception and bar for some of the shift again, which is nice because it means she can get up from the desk and help out around there.

At the end of the shift Kim had planned to go out with some work colleagues as a leaving drinks for one of her friends. Unfortunately Kim was unable to go because no where was open locally so they all decided to go over tho the city centre. This seemed pointless for Kim to go too as she has the morning shift tomorrow which means that by the time she gets to the centre, she would just have to head home. This meant Kim just headed home and relaxed.

Again she ended her night by having a nice chat with Curtis.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis was up a bit later than normal today at 08:00. He and Richard got ready and then headed downstairs for breakfast. There was an assortment of simple breakfast options.. Toast, cereal, juice, coffee, yogurt, as you would expect from a hotel breakfast. They had breakfast and then headed out to the client.

Once they got to the client, they started right away with swapping out 2 machines. This was pain free and then they trained the two users on what had changed and what to do going forward.

Once this was done, they each jumped on another machine each and got those sorted. That being said, Curtis had some trouble with his and a few other issues which meant some things were lost and he had to call another company’s support and see if it could be resolved!

They stayed until about 19:30 but did go out and get lunch around 15:00. Curtis shared a pizza and chips with Richard at ‘The Auction House’ which was recommended to us. It was very nice!

They left here and went right back to the client and stayed until 19:30, as mentioned. When they stayed without the client there, there were a lot of cats to keep us company!

Once they got back to the hotel it was time to tidy up notes, send emails and then relax! Curtis just played some games and watched some YouTube videos as well as completing some LinkedIn Learning.

Tomorrow, the client only need one person so Curtis is staying at the hotel to get admin done.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 & 51 – Day 71 & 1: Auckland & Invercargill – 14+ Hours of Work!

We started the day at around 03:45 where Curtis drove to the airport with Kim kindly in tow to take the car home.

Kim’s Day;

After dropping Curtis off at the airport Kim did the drive back home, but made a quick stop at the McDonalds near home because it was 5am and why not?! Kim then took the maccies and sat in bed while she enjoyed her breakfast.

Once she finished her breakfast it was the time that she would usually wake up to get ready for her early morning shift so Kim got ready and headed into work.

Kim was on admin today so there is little to report back. Kim did help with a couple of reception duties and lent a hand to the restaurant when needed, which was nice as it gives a little break away from the computer.

Kim was dealing with a booking coming in for Saturday.

After her shift, Kim headed home and relaxed and did a little house hunting for a few hours before heading out to dinner with the lovely Danielle.
Kim met Danielle at an Italian restaurant and they sat down for dinner when a massive sign for a pub quiz caught their eyes. They decided to switch tables and join in the pub quiz! This was such a great decision because Kim and Danielle had so much fun getting most of the questions wrong! In fairness to them, they were the youngest there by a few years and the smallest team by about 4 people!

It was no surprise when they came last. They did 100% get marks for effort and enthusiasm though and defiantly plan to head back and drag the guys with them.

After the quiz Kim ran Dannielle home and then headed home herself.

After being up since 3, Kim will probably sleep well tonight.
Kim ended the night by having a quick chat with Curtis before they both crash!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis got into the airport and got his bag ready but nothing was open yet so he waited for his colleague to arrive and then they went and got a McDonald’s breakfast.

They then checked their bags in and headed through security.

Once they got through, there wasn’t long to wait until they boarded. On the first flight, they met a lovely 84 year old lady who was still going strong. She had traveled the world and was very interesting to chat with!

Once Curtis landed in Christchurch, he and Richard, his colleague, had about an hour to kill. They got a drink and spoke about work plans and then the flight was slightly delayed but only by about 15 minutes.

They arrived in Invercargill and got the rental car and set off to the hotel. They are staying in a 3 bedroom apartment which is very nice!

They got ready and then went to the client they were here to see. The client was very lovely and Curtis got all the required information and then headed back to the hotel room with 2 PCs, but not before having some lunch! At a cafe near the hotel, they got a MASSIVE chicken sandwich..

Once that was eventually eaten, they got back to the hotel and worked for hours!

At about 18:15, they just went for a walk and then went to the supermarket to get some snacks.

They got back and Curtis got Ironing done and then went to bed and finished some more work!

Tomorrow, Curtis doesn’t have to be up early so that is a relief!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 70: Auckland – New Team Meeting & Running Reception & Restaurant!

Today, we woke up at 09:30 and got ready to go and look at an apartment.

We drove to the apartment but decided that it wasn’t for us after looking at it.

After looking at the apartment, we went to get a coffee, walked around the Takapuna Sunday market and took some soup to one of Kim’s colleagues who was at home unwell. We then drove home.

Kim’s Day;

Kim got into work and got stuck into the reception. We had a few check ins in quick succession so that made things go nice and quickly.

During the slower moments Kim attended to emails and sent enquiries out about people’s arrival times.

We had one check in where the beds needed to be split into twin beds so Kim had to pop upstairs and organise that!

After a while the restaurant manager left and Kim was watching the restaurant and reception. This kept her nice and busy!

Towards the end of the night we started the close down and Kim started sending people home.

At the end of the night Kim sat down to a nice salad for dinner!

Curtis’ Day;

We got back and then Curtis had to head right off on a 45 minute drive to south Auckland where he went to a gathering of his new hockey team, the Scorpions!

Curtis had a BBQ there as well as meeting the other players and finding out lines!

Curtis eventually left here and drove home which took a little bit less time.

Curtis got home and played some Xbox, had some noodles for dinner and an ice cream for dessert.

Both of us;

Curtis went to pick up Kim from work and then we came home and went right to bed as we have to be up around 04:00 tomorrow to take Curtis to the airport for his 06:00 flight!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 69: Auckland – 11 Hour Shift!

We woke up around 09:30 and slowly got ready for the day. Kim was working at 11:00 and we hadn’t had breakfast so we stopped off at the supermarket to get a pain au chocolate each.

Curtis then drove home whilst Kim started work.

Kim’s Day;

Once Kim got at work it was straight to it! She started setting up for the function that we had today.

Kim also had to organise the rest of the staff and allocate them sections.
Once the function arrived Kim and another member of staff focused of that, so they spent the afternoon running food and making sure everyone was okay.

When they were leaving they said that they were very happy with everything, which is nice to know!

After the function Kim had to set up for the evening service which meant reorganising the staff and getting the bar area set up for the jazz band.

It was so lovely to work with live music in the evening.

The shift ran really smoothly and things seemed to work quite well!

After the function has been cleared up Kim sat down and had a lovely chicken curry for lunch!

Towards the end d the shift Kim started sending people home and allocating shut down jobs to people.

In the end Kim was the last person just shutting down the coffee machine and putting away glasses. A pretty successful night.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis got home and ate his breakfast, along with a coffee.

Curtis finished his breakfast and went for a shower. After his shower, Curtis got the laundry out of the tumble dryer and put it away and then put on another wash.

Curtis packed away some clothes for his trip next week and then played some Xbox whilst he waited for the wash to finish.

Once the wash was done, Curtis hung the laundry out and then went back to playing Xbox.

Curtis then went to get Kim from work at about 22:00 but she didn’t leave until about 23:20!

Both of us;

We came home and watched a few funny videos and then went to bed.. We have a busy day tomorrow too!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 68: Auckland – Opening An Airport Just For Curtis!

Kim’s Day;

This morning Kim got up and had a mini spring clean. She scrubbed the shower and cleaned the toilet and gave the bedroom a quick clean and tidy.

After this Kim went out to grab some breakfast from McDonald’s! As she was driving past it to pick up Curtis from the airport it seemed rude not to!

Kim then hopped back in the car and went to the airport to pick up Curtis. She arrived about 15 minutes before he was meant to land but when she arrived she found out that the flight has been delayed by 20 minutes so Kim got a chair and made herself comfortable.

A couple sat next to Kim with a massive box of dunkin doughnuts. Kim said that it’s possibly the best way to be greeted at the airport. Kim and the couple for chatting and it turns out that the lady was from Southampton! Just down the road from where Kim used to live. What a small world! They then met their family and were on their way.

About 5 minutes after this Kim got a text from Curtis saying that he had gone through the arrivals tunnel and was waiting at the baggage reclaim! How he managed that Kim has no idea as she was sat right opposite waiting!

She then wandered over, manages to spot him and then ran over and gave him a big cuddle!

It was nice to have him home, Kim really missed him this week.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis was up bright and early to get ready to leave Greymouth.

Curtis drove down to Hokitika Airport and got there far earlier than he needed early that the airport wasn’t even open yet! Luckily, a man that works on the runway unlocked the airport just for Curtis!

Once Curtis got in he dropped his keys for the car back and then got a coffee and orange juice.

He had to wait a bit longer than planned as his flight was delayed by about 30 minutes.

His plane arrived and he boarded, had some free water and a sweet and then landed again!

Once Curtis got to Christchurch Airport, he went through security and got to his gate with more than enough time to spare.

On the next flight, he got a free coffee and cookie and then landed late (was meant to be 12:20 but was 12:35!) and was finally able to see Kim again!

Both of us;

We waited for Curtis’ bag and then got back in the car and drove home.

Once we got home, Curtis had to do some work and found out he was away all of next week also but this time in Invercargill. That being said, he is with a colleague so it should be less lonely.

When Curtis finished work, we drove to look at a house which we could possibly rent.

We got back and were so hungry so we went down town for Vietnamese food! We had pork belly and a chicken stir fry style dish. Both were alright but not as great as last time!

We then went to the pub and got a Guinness!

Guinness ‘tache!
Guinness ‘tache!

We came back and were happy we could chill together again!

We watched some TV, drank whiskey and played games.. Perfect.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 & 50 – Day 67 & 4: Auckland & Greymouth – Beautiful Drive & Night Out

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim had a late start!
So she woke up and FaceTimed her family again.

After this Kim got some noodles and had a chat with Curtis.

Once she had done this she got ready for work and drove down.

Kim worked on the bar for the shift so spent most of the evening cleaning glasses and pouring drinks.

After work Kim and a few girls had planned to go out for a drink but two of us forgot our IDs so instead we all went and got snacks and had a mini picnic!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis was up at 06:00 this morning, had a shower and coffee before heading out the door for a 1.5 hour drive from Greymouth to Westport. Luckily, the coastal road was open and it was absolutely beautiful. The drive is a tourist drive, but it was empty and there were a lot of winding roads (luckily the car has a sport mode.. Damn that’s fun!) and incredible scenery! Here are a few photos of the scenery. It’s very similar to Norway!

Curtis got to Westport and only did about an hour of work, but also sat with the client and had a chat and a coffee..most of it was work related!

Curtis left here and drove back to Greymouth. The weather had really picked up on the way back and was toasty!

Curtis got to Greymouth and went to the Greymouth office to check on the client and they were all happy, so Curtis went back to the apartment and got some admin done for work.

Once this was done, Curtis got a Domino’s (far too much for one person) and chilled out playing games.

Curtis actually fell asleep around 18:30 and so decided to have a quick power nap… Apparently he was tired!

Curtis found out that his team is now out of the playoffs after losing in 2nd Overtime 7-6! It’s a shame he doesn’t get to play with them again this season, but it’s been awesome to be back on the ice and with such a great group of players!

Curtis has to be up for a reasonable time tomorrow as his flight leaves at 09:30 (20 minutes later than planned!). Curtis then had a second flight from Christchurch to Auckland, then he will be home and get to see Kim!

Damn, it’s been lonely.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale