Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 986: Vancouver, BC – Back To The Gym

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a much quieter day today.

He did some tickets and admin throughout the day, and did have one team meeting which he ran. He had to get updates on projects from his team and ensure it was all on track.

In the late afternoon, he did some team building with some people from his team and played some games with them until the end of the work day.

Kim’s Day

Kim had a really great day and it was such a wonderful way to end the week! She started by waking up late and was really thankful for Curtis helping load the car up. She then drove to a nearby town to meet some teammates there to show them the laptop set up process.

Once she arrived Kim took all the laptops up to the board room in the office over a few trips. Luckily on the final trip Kim bumped into her teammate. Everyone got comfy in the room then Kim and her manager joined a call to discuss some IT stuff.

She then did a little admin before walking everyone through the laptop set up process. They all took a break to move their cars and then Kim had a quick chat to discuss a candidate, but most of the people weren’t able to turn up. So Kim took the time to work with her teammates to pack up!

They all then went to a nearby restaurant to meet two other teammates and it was so lovely! They all then left to head over to a nail salon for pedicures, ok the way Kim took a call to discuss the candidate that she wasn’t able to talk about earlier. She then had a wonderful break getting pampered and just relaxing.

Before everyone headed home a few people joined a call to discuss another candidate and the next steps there!


Kim got back home and we had some snacks pre-gym. We are finally able to head back to the gym after Curtis’ surgery, and having the time!

We did a 1 hour workout, but took it much easier than last time as Kim has been to pole a lot this week and Curtis didn’t take any breaks last time, and he really felt that!

After going to the gym, we undid all of our good work and ordered burgers for dinner! Curtis has been craving a burger since he had his surgery and now was his chance to have one!

We ordered from a place called Juice Joe’s which is a horrible name, but the burgers were really delicious!

We hung out for the evening and relaxed. We were meant to be going to an outside gathering with people from Kim’s work tomorrow but it’s meant to rain so that got cancelled.

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale


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