Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 985: Vancouver, BC – ‘Return To Office’ Planning Again

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a slightly less busy day today, though still busy enough!

He did some tickets and then did an onboard for a contractor which seemed to take a while to do.

Curtis then had a quick meeting about return to office things and a further discussion came from that.

The rest of the day was tickets and also Curtis changed someone’s name on all systems, which took some time but had no issues, which was excellent news.

Kim’s Day

Kim had another interview heavy day, she started with an interview then joined a biweekly meeting to discuss projects and other really interesting things. Kim took a quick call to help someone with an IT issue and then had a 15 min sit down with the other people in the interview to have a chat.

It was then time for interview number 2! She had another chat with a candidate and then ended up being late to the weekly department meeting. She gave her update and listened into what the other departments are doing. She then joined a recruitment meeting to discuss the status of a bunch of live roles.

In the afternoon Kim had interview 3 and 4 and their reviews before having a chat with a couple of the executive team to discuss how their interview went. Then to finish the day Kim joined another recruitment meeting to discuss next steps for a role and review the candidates


Curtis had some pasta for dinner and when Kim got home, we had a bit of time together and watched some TV. Yesterday, Kim ended up working quite a bit in the evening, so it was nice to get some relaxing time together.

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale


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