Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 984: Vancouver, BC – Impromptu Dog Walk

Curtis’ Day

Curtis went right to the office when ready in the morning (with a stop at a coffee shop, of course).

He was planning to get a laptop setup and equipment sent out to a new hire, but when he got there he got asked to do a few things by someone there.

He got those things sorted and then the laptop he was trying to setup was being a pain, so that took much longer than planned.

He eventually got all of that done and sent out and then he headed home to have some lunch and get ready to help someone in the early afternoon.

Curtis finished his lunch and then helped the person that needed some help. He did this for about 30 minutes, which was luckily shorter than he thought it would take.

He managed to get some tickets and other things done in the afternoon. Another very busy day!

Kim’s Day

Kim had an interview packed day again! She started at 830 with an interview and the review. She then took a little break to have some food before joining the second interview for the day!

Over the middle of the day Kim had 1-1 chats with employees and managers to see how things are going as well as booking in some interviews for candidates, which was interesting and not something Kim has had to do for a while!

To get started in the afternoon Kim joined a recruitment meeting where no one from the other team joined! So she had s really nice hangout and chat with her colleagues. She then joined a meeting to hand off a project to a new director as they are now the lead on it and it’s one huge thing off of Kim’s plate!

Kim then joined her final interview of the day and had a quick meeting in regards to recruitment and social media before having a review of the interview.

To finish the day Kim had a connect with an exec team member to align on their new employees onboarding process!


Kim went off to pole and Curtis played some games, as usual. Kim stopped by her CEO’s house to pick something up and ended up going on an impromptu dog walk! She got to see a lot of dogs!

When Kim got home, we watched some TV and had some food, before Kim went back to do some more work in the late evening.

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale

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