Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 983: Vancouver, BC – Heavy Week Start

Curtis’s Day

Curtis had a 09:00 onboard orientation with someone and right after that it was go-go-go all day!

Curtis had a few more meetings through the day and then a lot of the day was dealing with tickets and messages.

Not much of interest in terms of a blog write-up, but it was certainly a busy day!

Kim’s Day

Kim had a really interesting and busy day today! She started with an interview and then a review before having a 1-1 with her teammate. She then gave an update in the weekly meeting before joining a recruitment call to figure out how we want to build a team.

Kim then had another interview and review before she joined the weekly finance meeting. After lunch Kim joined two recruitment meetings. In one she got updates on the progress of roles and in the other she spoke with the team about the roles they might need.

To finish out the main part of the day Kim joined a third and final interview. She had a little break before joining a meeting just after usual work hours to finalise the exec RACI with the team. It was great to see it finished an ready to help us find the perfect people for their roles over the next few weeks!


Whilst Kim was out at pole dancing, Curtis made himself steak and a salad for dinner. He was really looking forward to having steak since he can eat proper food now!

Kim got back home and had some food and then we watched some TV before sleeping.

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale


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