Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 977: Vancouver, BC – Team Laptop Setups

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a meeting at 09:30. This was a company wide meeting which was very informative!

After that meeting, Curtis had a team meeting followed by a 1 on 1 with his boss.

Right after that, there was a meeting about a project. Curtis then got hungry so had some lunch.

There was another 2 team meetings and then he had an external meeting for another project.

The whole day was basically meetings, but he got a few contractor onboards completed and finished the day by creating a guide for something.

Kim’s Day

Kim had a low meeting day planned as she went into the office to train a colleague on laptop set up. Her colleague said she would pop by between 8-8:30 so Kim was up and ready to go, as a result she was able to get some admin done before being picked up. Curtis helped her load up the car with all the laptops that need to be set up.

Once Kim and her colleague arrived at the office they dropped off the laptops and then made an important trip out for coffee! When they got back to the office Kim walked her teammate through the laptop set up process.

The plan was to not have meetings or to have a meeting light day to be able to support on the training of laptop set ups. This did not happen, unfortunately! Her first meeting was with a consultancy firm and she had a quick chat after to discuss the meeting internally. Kim then joined a 2nd round interview with a candidate to have another chat with them and dive more into their experience and interests in the role.

Kim then had a quick break where she and her teammate went to pick up lunch. Before they ate Kim had a quick connect with someone to help them plan their meeting. She then sat down and ate her lunch with her teammate before checking the laptops and closing down the office so her colleague could get home before she it crazy traffic.

Once Kim was home she joined an interview review meeting to discuss a candidate and next steps for the role. To finish the day Kim had a meeting with a department about processes and next steps in a few hiring pipelines. She then had a really long call with her manager to exchange information of the day and catch each other up on things and make decisions and plans for the next few weeks and projects.


after Kim finished her meetings we had some dinner. Kim had leftover lunch so she had that and Curtis had some soup.

We watched some TV together and then headed to bed. Curtis is at the office for the morning tomorrow.

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale


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