Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 975: Vancouver, BC – Actual Food?!

Curtis’ Day

We started the day together, actually, and had a different breakfast! We are looking to get Kim eating breakfast, so we had a smoothie and Kim had some overnight oats! Something a little different, fairly healthy and easy to eat.

Curtis got ready for the day and then began work. He had a lot to catch up on but luckily, his mouth was feeling quite a bit better today.

He had some admin to do to catch up from his time off and then throughout the day he did some product work as well as some tickets that came in.

There was one team meeting to attend, so he attended that, and in the afternoon he was able to write up and send an email with regards to a project, which was the next big step.

Kim’s Day

Kim had a good day today! She started in a meeting reviewing job descriptions that are ready to send out to new starters soon before joining an interview. After the interview Kim assisted with a discussion about process and questions to ask that would make the screening process easier.

Kim was then able to make a couple of purchases and then join a product review to see if it is the right purchase for the company. She then joined the weekly team meeting to discuss projects and next steps.

To start the afternoon Kim had a quick hiring and planning meeting with a department to make sure that the current plan aligns with what they may need into the future. She also had a check in with a manager to make sure their new starter is settling in nicely.

For the rest of the afternoon Kim joined two interviews and their reviews. She ended the day with a call with her managers where they went into more detail on plans, projects and next moves for the department.


Once Kim finished work, we had some gnocchi with pesto and tomatoes for dinner. The first ‘actual’ food for Curtis since his surgery. It wasn’t super easy to eat and there was a little pain, but he managed it and was happy to have some solid food.

Kim did a little more work in the evening and then we watched some TV and relaxed.

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale


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