Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 971: Vancouver, BC – No More Wisdom Teeth & Vaccine #2 Booked!

We both woke up at 08:30 and got ourselves showered and ready to go for the day. Curtis was unable to eat or drink anything, so it was just shower and leave.

We walked down to the dental surgery place and, whilst Curtis went in to get his surgery, Kim went and got his prescription.

The surgery went really well! Curtis didn’t feel too nervous and it felt like it was done really fast (because he was put to sleep).

After, Kim came to pick him up and we headed home.

Curtis has been doing very well and has really had very little pain so far!

He had some soup and some other very easy to eat foods and has made sure to stay hydrated. Maybe tomorrow will be worse, though!

Kim did a bit of work throughout the day, but we did hang out for a bit of the day.

We booked our second vaccine shot for next week, but then we decided we wanted to do it earlier, so we changed it to Saturday! We’re getting all the things done in one go!

The evening today was just relaxing and watching TV, whilst Curtis ate what he could and took drugs and used ice packs as required.

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale


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