Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 970: Vancouver, BC – Rushed Equipment Shipping

Curtis’ Day

Curtis went to the office in the morning once he was ready as he needed to do a rushed equipment setup and shipping, so that it arrives this week.

Curtis got that done in the morning and helped a little around the office with a few of the upgrades that are being done there.

He walked home around 12:00 and picked up a coffee for us both. Once he got home, he was nice and busy answering questions and doing some tickets. This was what he did really for the rest of the day, with one meeting sprinkled in there.

After finishing work, Curtis played some games and then went to pickup some laptops with Kim.

Kim’s Day

Kim had three interviews today! She started her day with the first and had a quick review after before joining a check in with an employee finishing their first three months. Her second interview happened before the end of the morning and then she joined a call with a couple of her teammates to discuss the candidates and next steps.

Kim had a meeting with her other teammate to review an ordering process and align everything. She then had a meeting with a colleague to discuss the next few months and do some planning.

Before her final interview Kim had a great training session and discussion. It was so useful and interesting! She finished the day with an interview and a quick review.

Kim was super lucky that Curtis helped with the laptops! She joined a meeting when she got home and joined a really long, interesting and problem solving call with two wonderful colleagues!


Tonight is the last night for solid food for Curtis for a while! Due to this, we ordered some take out, so at least it’s a nice meal!

We are our food and relaxed. Curtis cannot eat or drink after 12:00, so he ensured he got enough water in him!

Tomorrow is surgery day… Curtis is incredibly nervous and he has to get an IV, which doesn’t work great with his fear of injections!

We’re sure all will go well.

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