Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 963: Vancouver, BC – Plums!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis spent the entire day getting a project sorted. He was unable to get it fully done, but made some more really good progress on it.

For the project, he had to contact a few people and ask them if they still need something and if so, he had to talk them through what to do.

That was the entire day, as well as a few tickets here and there, some admin and 2 team meetings.

Kim’s Day

Kim started her day earlier than usual and met a colleague who had load of plums for Kim to give to other employees! So she collected all the plums then grabbed a coffee on the way home. Once she was home Kim managed to get a lot of admin done! She sent out reminders and notifications to the company as well as added to info pages.

She then had a connect with two of her teammates to discuss a bug batch purchase of stuff over the next few weeks. It was really helpful to have other people check that what Kim thinks needs to be ordered is in line with what they think would be a good idea. For the rest of the morning Kim was on a call to discuss policies, plans and other really interesting things.

Kim then had a 1-1 check in with a new employee to see how their first few weeks have been for them. It was such a great chat. She then popped out to a shop to pick up a few things ahead of a really interesting meeting.

For most of the afternoon most of the company joined a workshop on diversity, equity and inclusion. It was a hard workshop and required a lot of inward looking but it is was also so beautiful. People asked questions, interacted with each other and really got involved with discussion, it was a really amazing experience. They also spent a lot of time discussing hiring and how that can be made more equitable, which was obviously fantastic for Kim’s team! Kim feels really lucky to work with such amazing people who want to learn, do better and be better. After the call there were several messages stating that the call was amazing and Kim was really pleased to hear that people know the value in workshops like these and are excited to attend.

Kim then drove into the office where she met people throughout the evening to give them plums! She also joined a meeting once she arrived to discuss hiring and changes there withing a department. It was such a brilliant meeting. She then stayed on the call with just her teammates and they went over some of the amazing points from the training call earlier in the day.

While Kim waited for people to pick up plums she managed to get the laptop that crashed partially set up. Once all the visits were completed Kim met Curtis to exchange laptops for the remainder of the plums and she dropped them off at someone’s house. When she got back Kim cooked dinner while on the phone with a colleague, sent over an estimation to the finance team and then managed to finish the laptop and arrange a pickup. It was a good end to a really good day.


We had homemade veggie lasagne for dinner and watched a little TV before sleeping.

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale


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