Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 957: Vancouver, BC – Surgery Booked

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had some work to do in the morning, just some standard things, and then he had to do some project work, which took far longer than expected!

After that, he had a quick meeting with some colleagues to discuss am ongoing project and then he had to do a different project which became a huge project but he got a decent amount of stuff work done on it.

At the end of the day, Curtis went for a consultation for his wisdom teeth removal. He has to have his wisdom teeth removed as they’re not really working as they should (one is sideways, one doesn’t fit!). They actually said they’re gonna do all of his wisdom teeth, rather than just the 2 bottom ones. He has to have full surgery under general anesthesia, due to them being close to the nerve. He had his appointment and booked in the surgery for the 22nd July, so not long to go. He is not excited.

Curtis played games and ate Kim’s leftover Indian food from lunch the other day, and he really enjoyed it.

Kim’s Day

Kim woke up to find one of her earlier meetings had been cancelled so she then had a relaxed start to her day that was a little more restful. She then had a call with a manager to discuss their new employee. They both then joined the weekly department heads meeting.

Kim then worked on a little admin before joining a meeting while she walked to pick up some items for an event this weekend. She went from that pickup to another store to pick up the final, important, prices for the beach day tomorrow – a ball and a frisbee!

As she walked home Kim had a surprise meeting with her manager and she picked up some coffees before getting home and joining a training meeting. She then had a quick chat with a manager to discuss a couple of their new starters.

To finish the day Kim joined and interview and then the review chat after before having a 1-1 chat with her teammate to see how the week had been for them. She then headed over to a colleagues house to pick them up as they both had to drop stuff off to an exec team member.

On the drive over they made a quick stop to pick up some cakes as they were invited to stay for tea. It was so strange to walk into someone’s house without a mask and spend a few hours laughing and hanging out, like in the normal world!

Kim and her colleague then left and had dinner in the park and continued chatting and just having fun. It was such a great evening!


Kim got back home from her outing and we relaxed, watching some TV.

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale


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