Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 956: Vancouver, BC – England Football & A Parking Ticket

Curtis’ Day

Curtis started a project today, so he spent some time getting that done. He did also have a couple of meetings, though, one was a team meeting and the other was to discuss an ongoing project with a colleague and figure out the next steps.

He also did some tickets, some admin and a few other things, including some security work and then he was done for the day.

During the day, he also had the England game on and watched them (just) win! He doesn’t really care about football, but why not watch!

Kim’s Day

Kim had an eventful day, to say the least! She started off by heading to an office space that another company will let them use on an ad hoc basis. She quickly parked up, collected the keys and had a chat with someone she met in person for the first time! It was awesome.

Kim then popped out to move her car, she found an okay space and then found a perfect space so she moved her car there. She dropped a few things back in the office space and went out to grab a coffee. She bumped into her colleague and showed off her great parking spot before they went into the office.

They then spent most of the morning mapping out an finalising the dream onboarding proceeding. For a quick break they had a call with a wonderful new employee to say hello and catch up, it was awesome! They also had a call with a teammate to make sure the process makes sense to them and is achievable, no point two people making a decision without talking to people who know what they are doing!

Kim had to get a little admin done so she did that and then they both went and picked up lunch from am amazing Indian fusion place a couple of doors down the road and went back to the office to eat.

Kim was then super late to a meeting because she was in the zone with an admin task so she eventually turned up and apologized a lot! She then helped the final bits of collaboration admin for the day before heading out to pick up some items from a print shop.

When she got back to the car Kim was super sad to see a ticket and a local in the area said that it happens all the time in that spot. So that was a bit of an annoying end to a fun and productive day, but Kim had no time to wallow!

She went into downtown, found a parking lot and then went to the print shop and then to Staples to collect some things for an event people are heading to for the weekend.

Once she got home Kim had planned to complete two laptops, but she got totally distracted by other fun tasks, so did those instead and eventually made one laptop!


Kim got back home and did some more work and after that, we had yesterday’s leftovers for dinner and watched some TV then we went for a walk.

The weather is certainly cooling down now, which is super nice. Still warm but pleasant.

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale


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