Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 955: Vancouver, BC – Fancy HR Work!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis went right to the office once he was ready as he needed to setup and send out some IT equipment for a new starter.

Curtis got that all setup and ready to go pretty quickly, so he headed home and stopped off to get us both coffee!

Once he got home, Curtis found out about a new project to get done, which is nice, and then he did some admin and tickets up until lunch.

After lunch, Curtis got started with the project, but it was mostly research. He also had some tickets to get done so he did those as well as some other admin.

Kim’s Day

To start her day Kim placed an order for some items that are needed and then she joined a meeting to discuss the structure of interviews. Everyone took a small break before the interview to find out it had been rescheduled! Instead of the interview Kim and her teammate had a meeting with another hiring manager to update and finalise a couple of job descriptions before they went live.

Kim then took some time to fix an IT issue, which was a huge win, before having a check in with a new employee to see how things are going. She then joined the finance meeting to give a quick update and iron a few things out.

In the early afternoon Kim cancelled a recruitment meeting as there was no new information to bring to everyone. Instead, Kim had a call with her teammate to check in and see how they are doing and make sure they have everything set up that they need for the next couple of months. She then had a quick call with her manager to sort out a few things.

In the middle of the afternoon Kim had a donut date with a wonderful colleague where they just caught up and hung out, it was so lovely! She finished the afternoon by sorting out some admin and then joining a meeting to discuss a vendor.

In the evening Kim joined a meeting to discuss some questions about contracts and HR paperwork in general. It was a super interesting and productive way to end the day.

Kim went to pole in the evening and stayed for an extra session after as she was really enjoying it! She didn’t feel that she was doing that well, but she was having fun, which is the main thing!


Kim got back from pole and we had some mushroom pasta and chilled out for the evening. We went to bed earlylier than normal yesterday, so we made up for it by staying up a little bit later tonight.

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