Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 952: Vancouver, BC – Beautiful Drive & Rocky Point Park

We woke up and planned to head out to a place about an hour away, called Jug Island.

We left and drove all the way there and the drive was beautiful! Lots of winding roads, mountains and lakes to look at. Unfortunately, we got there and every last bit of parking was taken, which makes sense as we got there a little late in the day.

We decided to abandon that plan and headed into Port Moody and got a coffee and a snack!

After the coffee and snack, we went to Rock Point Park and walked along the peer and just hand a nice walk, though it was a little warm.

We left here and drove back home and had some leftovers for dinner, as well as getting some rice paper rolls from a Vietnamese place down the road to go with it.

Once we finished dinner, we got the shop done at the supermarket.

We got back home and Kim went down to the beach to relax and read her book with a beautiful sunset.

Kim got back from the beach and we watched a bit of TV together and relaxed.

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale


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