Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 947: Vancouver, BC – Many Fans

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a meeting at 09:00, to orientate someone new, but before that we both got all our fans and placed them strategically around the apartment as well as ensuring all blinds were closed so we could keep the apartment as cool as possible whilst we worked.

Curtis finished up his 09:00 meeting and then completed a rushed onboard for a contractor.

After that was done, Curtis had a team meeting, a 1 on 1 and then a LOT of tickets and messages from people to deal with.

He had one further meeting in the afternoon around a piece of software, but luckily that didn’t late too long.

Kim’s Day

Today was super hot, so Kim decided to drop a laptop off for delivery in the morning after she was able to get some admin done. Once she got back Kim popped to a couple of shops down the road to pick up a couple more drinks and snacks for the day.

Once she was home Kim joined a meeting to discuss how an interview went then that meeting turned into a 1-1. She then joined the team meeting and then had lunch.

In the afternoon Kim worked on a lot of admin and wrote up an invite for a picnic that will be happening in a couple of weeks. She had a quick call with her manager to discuss a few things then finalised the invite and sent it out.


It was far too hot today, around 40°C, so we didn’t really want to cook. Kim went to the coffee shop across the street and got us caprese sandwiches for dinner and we watched a bit of TV for the start of the evening.

When it began to cool down, we went for an evening walk, though it was still stupidly hot outside!

We got home and watched a bit more TV and tried to stay cool, before heading to bed and hoping we can sleep!

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale


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