Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 944: Vancouver, BC – Cat Sitting!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a bit of work and admin to do in the morning and then he had a slew of meetings.

The first meeting was a brief team meeting followed by a meeting regarding offices and returning to them!

Right after that meeting, Curtis had a brief chat with someone to define a process and that was quick and easy.

Once that meeting was done, Curtis had a bit of time to have lunch and get some other things done and then he had another workshop.

After the workshop, which finished a little earlier than planned, Curtis was able to get some tickets done for the first time today and then he did an onboard at the end of the day.

Kim’s Day

Today Kim had another day out and about checking out some spaces that may be a good idea for an office in the future. Once she arrived she instantly joined a call and had a catch up with a manager to talk about their new hire and then she was able to get some admin done before a company wide meeting and update.

She then had to run to the Apple store to drop off a Mac that needed some keys replaced. Then she spent the rest of the morning on collaborative work with her teammate who also popped by the space for the day.

After a small lunch Kim joined an interview, but more as an observer so she could her her new teammate take over. They did a really good job and Kim was really pleased! For the rest of the afternoon Kim worked on a few projects with her teammate and did some great planning too.

After work Kim went to her friend’s home to look after her kittens while she is away for the weekend. She fed them and played with them too.

Kim left in time to be able to attend a protest in regards to the unmarked graves that have recently been found in residential schools and the atrocities against the Indigenous People’s of Canada, which was organised by Black Lives Matter Vancouver.


We had Chinese food again! We got it from the place over the road as it was so amazing last time and we wanted to try a few other things from there. It was just as amazing this time which is excellent.

We ate that and watched some TV. The weather is starting to very seriously warm today, so even at night it is hot outside, which is not ideal for sleeping! Luckily, we got a new cooling duvet which hopefully will help.

We shall see!

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale


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