Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 934: Vancouver, BC – Waiting All Alone

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a few things to get done in the morning and then had a Norwegian lesson. It took him some time to get his brain in Norwegian mode, but once he got going he had a great conversation.

Curtis did some tickets and then spent 3 hours on a project. He mostly just had to look at some groups and decide if they are needed anymore and if not, delete them. This was tedious but good work that needed to be done!

There were more tickets in the afternoon to keep him busy and then all of a sudden, the work day was over.

Kim’s Day

Kim started her day with an interview! It was so great to meet another new face. She then had a quick review with the hiring manager and a quick catch up too which was lovely!

She then had a quick beginning of day chat with a new teammate before giving an overview update to the company. She had a quick call after the meeting with a colleague she hasn’t spoken to in weeks, which was wonderful!

She then spent some time getting small wins done before joining the finance meeting for updates and approvals. She had a quick break before then having a sit down with her teammate to build a game plan for ordering things, which was awesome!

Kim then joined a meeting but the other person didn’t turn up! Kim waited for her for a while as this person is usually super on time so Kim figured they had got completely absorbed in their task and as they have a lot going on with deadlines just around the corner Kim wanted to just leave them to it. So rescheduled the meeting for later in the week and for on with more admin.

Kim then joined a 3 month check in with a new starter. She got some fantastic feedback and some great suggestions! She then got a little admin done before joining a hiring forecasting meeting. She then finished the day with ordering, getting small admin wins done and a quick meeting with her teammate.


We had a Mexican style chicken salad for dinner and then Kim had a bit of work to do still so she did that and then we went for a nice evening walk.

We got back home and watched some TV.

Kim is out for most of the day tomorrow and Curtis had a workshop in the afternoon, so we’re both busy!

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale


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