Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 933: Vancouver, BC – Trying Out EAP

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had an IT onboarding at 09:00 and that went very well! After that, he got settled for the day, got some admin done and took a few of the new tickets that came in and then had a team meeting.

After that meeting, Curtis had another meeting with a software vendor who were there to answer some security related questions.

Curtis then got hungry, so he had lunch and then did some tickets up until having a meeting with someone to talk them through how to do something.

The remainder of the day was tickets and answering people’s questions.

Kim’s Day

To start her day Kim joined meeting with a vendor and broker to discuss a couple of things. It was an interesting meeting and she is looking forward to seeing where this project goes.

She then had an awesome daily check in with her teammate to see if they need any help or direction on a few things. Both of the meetings in the morning overran so Kim was able to get a little admin done now before she joined her team meeting.

She then had a few smaller meetings, one to discuss a new role, the next to chat about a new system to get implemented and finally a one week check in!

Then to finish the day Kim popped out to check out an office space with her colleague. It was so interested and they will be having a trial day on Wednesday.

Once she got home Kim had her first EAP (similar to therapy) session. It wasn’t what she expected, but she is excited to be taking steps for her mental health. Kim will also explore other avenues for support over the next couple of weeks.

She then had another quick call to catch someone up on the meeting that took place in the morning.


We forgot to take out chicken for dinner from the freezer, so we had chilli we had frozen instead with some rice.

We had a walk and watched some TV, pretty much the same old stuff!

As of tomorrow, some more restrictions are eased here in BC, which may open some possibilities of going further a field over the weekends!

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale


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