Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 929: Vancouver, BC – Making Lots of Plans!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis started his day right at 09:00 with a meeting which lasted for about 1.5 hours. In this meeting, he set out a whole project and got it ready to start! This has been a long time coming, so it was good to get it all flushed out and ready to go.

After that, he had a quick meeting with an external provider who will be doing some workshops for the team.

Curtis then had a task to help someone through which actually took about an hour, though it did work at the end!

He had a meeting after this with regards to returning to the office and planning all the work that needs to be done for that.

The remainder of the day was busy with tickets and other things, and then Curtis did some of his Norwegian homework. Today was a busy day, but in a good way!

Kim’s Day

Kim had another long and interesting day today! It started with two interviews back to back, with a little time to chat between them. She then joined the department update and was able to do some admin during it too!

She then had time with her new teammate to see how they have been doing, give them direction and assigned some new tasks too. They both then joined the weekly recruitment meeting.

After a quick lunch Kim had a 1-1 with her other teammate and they went over goals, plans and things coming up. It was a great chat! Then towards the end of the day Kim had two 1 month check ins sandwiching an end of day catch up with two managers.

She then popped out to pickup a new laptop and on the way she stopped at her hair salon to exchange a product she bought for some that will work better for her hair.

Once she was home Kim accidentally worked on a bunch of mini projects and fun tasks. Then after dinner she had a call with an exec to discuss an onboarding plan for a new starter while she set up their laptop. A successful day?


Kim worked fairly late, so we just had frozen pizza for dinner.

We were going to have a walk but then Kim had to do some work and ended up having a chat with someone from work and then it got too late for a walk! She got some stuff done that she needed to, though!

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale


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