Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 928: Vancouver, BC – Looking At (Shared) Offices

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had to go to the office this morning to setup a laptop for a new hire.

He actually got that laptop setup and packaged pretty quickly, but he also had to setup another laptop in a different way and that took a bit more time. That one was for someone to swap to as they are having issues with their current laptop.

After completing that process and being ready to leave te office, he luckily checked that laptop and noticed it was not done right, so he had to do it again. It was lucky that he noticed!

Curtis walked back home and met Kim as she was on her way home and she had coffee!

The afternoon was mostly tickets and catching up from the morning. He also had a security incident to take care of, as well!

Kim’s Day

To start the day Kim had a team meeting to go over the RACI as she and her teammate missed the meeting that was due to happen the day before. They added and assigned tasks and were able to get a fair amount done.

She then popped to a shared office tour, with her teammate, ro see if the space would be a good fit. After that they had a mini meeting in the park to review it and soak up some sun.

When she got back Kim had a little time to work on some admin before the book club meeting. She enjoyed learning about how to read poetry and is hoping that the book club will allow her to enjoy that art form and move away from seeing poetry in the same way she would at school. After this she had a great chat with someone as part of the donut imitative.

In the afternoon Kim trained her teammate on placing orders and went through a few things with her. She then had a call with the HR person from the consultancy company she worked to get some training, support and direction for herself, it was awesome!

She then had another RACI meeting with another team to help them and then after a bit of a break she had a quick meeting with her teammate to discuss planning for the future and how the team might look.


For dinner, we had leftovers from yesterday. We did our daily walk which we are really enjoying, it’s great to clear our heads after work!

We watched some TV and then headed to bed.

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale


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