Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 915: Vancouver, BC – Close, But Not Quite!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had some messages to deal with in the morning and then he had a training session ran by one of his colleagues.

He had a few tickets to get done, one of which took a while but he worked through it with someone on a Zoom call and got it sorted.

There were a few discussions about a couple of different things that Curtis had throughout the day and then the afternoon was dominated with getting some policies up to date and making changes to those.

It was hockey time once again this evening!

Curtis watched the Leafs game, in which the Leafs were able to get through to the 2nd round of the playoffs! The game didn’t start great, with the Leafs being down 3-0, but they got into overtime after getting 3 goals to tie it! The Leafs were so close, but unfortunately they lost in overtime, so there’s another game on Saturday.

Kim’s Day

Kim’s day was a little less busy today, she still had time to get lots of admin done in the morning. She then went into an interview and had a quick chat after to discuss next steps. She then joined the weekly manager’s meeting to give and update and see where she can be supporting other teams.

She spent the last bit of the morning packaging up laptops to be sent out. After that she joined the weekly recruitment meeting and then she spent some time on some planning and admin.

Kim spent most of the afternoon working collaboratively with her teammate, she took a break to have a chat with a colleague. Then she also managed to order a couple of laptops and start organising the orders for the home office equipment.

In the evening Kim prepared for next week and set up a laptop for the final new starter of next week.


Curtis made Italian style tomato pasta with chicken, mushrooms and red onion for dinner. We ate that and relaxed for the evening, though Kim did get a little work done.

We had a nice late evening walk, too, which was needed.

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale


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