Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 900: Vancouver, BC – 2 Years In Vancouver!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis finally managed to get the project from yesterday sorted! It took most of the day, but he did eventually get it sorted, which he was pleased about. He learned a lot, too.

Curtis had a couple of team meetings throughout the day, too, which were not particularly interesting but needed.

After lunch, and after Curtis had finished the project, he did some training he needed to do to get ready for his two long days ahead! He has 7 hours of straight meetings tomorrow and Friday with Microsoft. These are workshops and should be good, but it’ll be a busy one!

Curtis watched hockey after work whilst Kim had a couple of work meetings.

Kim’s Day

Kim had a long but interesting day! She started off by having to pop out and do a pick up / drop off of something, it was lovely to go for a bit of a drive.

Once she got home Kim got a little admin done before hosting a team meeting and then having a quick chat with a teammate to catch up on meetings she missed.

After the social call and lunch Kim had a quick HR meeting with a couple of the executive team members before having a chat with a teammate about projects going on.

Kim then joined an interview and the post interview chat which turned into planning time and getting a few other things organised, it was great!

In the evening Kim has a mix of short quick meetings, longer impromptu meetings and a little mentoring session before she reviewed and updated a job description with the hiring manager.


We had leftover delicious risotto with some nice bread for dinner and wtshcrd a bit of TV.

Curtis needs to be up a little earlier tomorrow, so it was a fairly routine early night, just eating, watching TV and doing a bit of cleaning around the apartment.

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale


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