Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 898: Vancouver, BC – Urgent Project Work & Many Team Meetings

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a project to get done and he started that right away, but then had a 1 hour team meeting, followed by a meeting about a process change right after.

Curtis was then able to get an important part of his project done before having another team meeting.

Once that meeting was done, Curtis had some lunch and then did his Norwegian homework.

The remainder of the afternoon was dedicated to some tickets and admin.

Kim’s Day

After getting a little admin done Kim had a meeting with a new starter to discuss a few things and answer any questions they may have. She then had a quick call with a couple of executives to discuss a few plans for the next few weeks.

To finish the morning Kim joined the team meeting to set up for the week. She then updated a few documents and spent a lot of her afternoon in one off smaller meetings around doing admin.

She then had a check in with a teammate to catch up on stuff that happened over the break and things that are coming up. She finished the day with a discussion on a potential new hire.


We had leftovers from yesterday for dinner and then we took our the recycling. Once we took the recycling out, we went out for an evening walk, which was really nice and relaxing.

We got home and watched a few TV shows for the evening.

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale


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