Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 894: Vancouver, BC – Surprise Flowers

Curtis’ Day

Curtis started the day with a meeting with the CEO. He needed to help him with changing his password, so he did just that.

That was fairly quick and once he got that done, he took another stab at trying to get a computer working as it should, which he’s been working at for a couple of weeks now. There wasn’t much luck there, unfortunately.

Curtis went out to get some surprise flowers for Kim, just because, why not? He surprised her with them when she came home from her massage.

After that, he had some project work to do, which was comparing some lists and making a new list to provide to someone with some proposed changes. He didn’t finish that before lunch, so after lunch he finished that and sent it off. He had some more changes to make to that after lunch and then it was done and the project is ready to move to the next stage.

He had a 1 on 1 and then the rest of the afternoon was ticket work.

Curtis watched hockey in the evening.

Kim’s Day

Kim had a lazier morning today where she made a couple of calls and then went out for a massage. She decided that during her rest week that she would treat herself to a massage and it was so nice!

On her way home Kim picked up coffees for herself and Curtis. When she got home she was greeted with a beautiful bunch of flowers from Curtis! She has been a little up and down lately so this was such a wonderful surprise that brightened her week even more!

After lunch Kim then hosted a games afternoon with some of her work colleagues. It was so much fun!

After the games Kim popped to a shop to return something and also pick up a vase for her beautiful flowers to live I !


After hockey was done and Kim’s games night was done, we had some easy dinner and watched TV for the evening.

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale


1 thought on “Place 72 – Day 894: Vancouver, BC – Surprise Flowers”

  1. Getting Kim some flowers to boost/cheer her up was such a lovely thoughtful thing to do. You’re a great son-in-law thanks. I know Kim feels that way too.

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