Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 888: Vancouver, BC – Manicure & Pedicure!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had to deal with something frustrating for 2 hours in the morning, which eventually turned into a future meeting to discuss the situation.

After he did that, he had a team meeting for 30 minutes, followed by some tickets and some security work, which was for about an hour.

Curtis had a conversation with his manager about something, just to keep them in the loop, then he did some project work up until lunch.

After lunch, Curtis created a new project and then did some tickets and admin before wrapping up for the day and playing some games with colleagues, as Kim was out getting pampered.

Kim’s Day

To start her day Kim gave some equipment to someone who came to collect it. She then finished getting ready for the day and then joined a meeting that lasted the whole morning. It was a follow on from a meeting a couple of weeks ago, it was very interesting and Kim learnt a lot!

She had a quick break where she made some lunch and then she joined a meeting to kick off the book club for the company! Kim then joined a planning meeting followed by an interview.

To finish the day Kim joined a social meeting where everyone in the company was on the call. She left that meeting and went to a nail salon with a friend, which was masked and distanced. It was so much fun and a couple of hours of a bit if normalcy!


We ordered Indian food and had that for dinner. It was excellent, as ever.

We watched some TV and relaxed for the evening. We are glad it’s the weekend! Another busy week in the books.

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale


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