Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 884: Vancouver, BC – SPUD

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a first day IT orientation at 09:00 and the person was very lovely!

Shortly after, Curtis had a team meeting followed by helping someone get their computer working as it should.

Curtis had yet another meeting with his team, then lunch, then he had a project to get done. That project only ended up taking 45 minutes which was excellent!

The rest of the afternoon was admin, tickets and also getting another computer working correctly for someone.

Curtis played some games whilst Kim had her evening meeting and then went up to the shop to get some chicken. We had received an order from today, which is a very environmentally friendly supermarket that delivers (we had a discount code, so thought we’d try!) But the chicken was frozen and we needed some for tonight, so Curtis went to get some.

Kim’s Day

Kim started her week with a team meeting to get updates and see if anyone in the team needs help with any projects. She then joined a recruitment meeting to discuss a couple of roles that are open and the next steps for them.

In the afternoon Kim had an interview and she joined the review after to discuss what is happening next and how it went. They also discussed a small event that will be happening.

She then went on to update some paperwork with a couple of colleagues. To end the day Kim caught up with a couple of hiring managers to review the candidates who have applied for roles. It was a productive and fun evening!


For dinner, we had lemon pesto couscous with chicken & vegetables. Delicious! It was another recipe we kept from our Hello Fresh box a while ago.

We ate that and watched some TV together for the evening.

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale


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