Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 879: Vancouver, BC – Homemade Espresso Is Great!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis was very excited to make a coffee this morning! Once he was ready to start the day, he made a coffee right away. It took him a second to figure everything out, but he then made one for the first time.

The coffee was alright, but he had some tweaks to do to get it perfected, but that’s part of the fun!

He then got right into the swing of the day. He had a couple of meetings in the morning and then he had a lot of tickets, admin and a few other things to get done in the morning.

Curtis was able to get another couple of people helped with their computer setups, which took a while but there are only a few left now!

Curtis’ second coffee was much better and he really enjoys making them.

In the afternoon, Curtis had some project work to get done and also a bit of security work to do due to a notice he received, but it was interesting.

Kim’s Day

To start her day Kim reviewed candidates with her teammate to prepare for a recruitment meeting just after. The meeting went so well and Kim got some great direction for the next steps with a few positions.

Kim then hosted a meeting and had a quick chat after to discuss what happens next and review how it went. She was then late to a team meeting that went really well. She then had a quick call with a new hire who will be joining the company in a few months.

In the afternoon Kim had another interview and then a great post interview discussion. She set up some time with the hiring managers to review all the candidates for the open positions tomorrow evening. It will be great to take a look at applicants and make notes.

She then popped out to run a few errands in the late afternoon. It was great to get out and get things done that she has been meaning to do for a while now!


Once Kim got back home, she made a chickpea salad, which we had from Hello Fresh before and kept the recipe!

We devoured the dinner and then Kim did a bit more work as she had more to do but didn’t plan to be our for so long earlier. Curtis played some games whilst Kim worked and then we hung out and watched some TV.

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale


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