Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 873: Vancouver, BC – Evening Event

Curtis’ Day

Curtis was meant to have a Norwegian lesson this morning, but his teacher was sick so that didn’t happen.

As a result, his morning was very quite, right up until just before lunch when he had to reach out to some people to check some things on their laptops.

After lunch, Curtis had a project meeting and then after he did more work with people on getting laptops setup how they should be.

Once he got that done, he had an interesting thing to get done for someone, but he had to do some research and some playing around but still couldn’t get it done quite right, so he’ll have to take a stab at it tomorrow.

Curtis then watched hockey and played games for a lot of the evening, whilst Kim was in her interviews.

Kim’s Day

Kim started the day with a quick meeting with her teammate to discuss a virtual event happened in the evening. She then attended a webinar before joining two recruitment meetings back to back.

Just before and after lunch Kim had two interviews and then she joined a chat to discuss how they went and the next steps.

In the afternoon Kim had a few meetings. The first was her weekly meeting with her teammate and then she had another chat with a different teammate. After this Kim decided to take a break and run a couple of errands as she was joining an event in the evening so she wanted to actively take time off to recharge and get fresh air before.

Kim timed her break terribly and had to join a call while out and about. Once she was home Kim hosted a quick introduction meeting to discuss the event they were all about to join. This was a speed dating style networking / interview event. It was so interesting and Kim met some wonderful people through 1-1 chats and by being on the virtual booth. After the event everyone joined a call to discuss candidates and what happens next. It was a long day but so interesting!

Late Evening

Once Kim was done, we had some chilli for dinner and watched a little TV before heading to bed. It’s been a busy week this week!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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