Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 863: Vancouver, BC – New Sofa & Built All The Things

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a chat with a new starter in the morning and then after that it was tickets, tickets, tickets!

In among those, he did manage to setup accounts for 2 new hires, ready to go to the office and get equipment setup for them.

The afternoon was also full of tickets and people messaging Curtis to ask for things. Some people from his team were off today, so it was certainly a busy day but a good one, for sure!

Kim’s Day

Kim started the day by dropping off the laptop at FedEx and then she went off to get some lunch from Tacofino.

Once she got her lunch, IKEA called saying they would be early, so she headed over to the new apartment and received the delivery of our new sofa!

Kim then spent a lot of the day building things, but also went to Homesense and bought a replacement ottoman for the one she bought yesterday as it was nicer.

She built both desks and most of the sofa, but has to wait for the cover to arrive tomorrow.

Kim finished up fairly late in the day and then went over to be outside her friend’s house to help train the dog to react better to strangers outside the house.

Kim then returned the ottoman she got yesterday and also found a bunch of items she has been looking for so that was successful!

Kim then drove back home and was home around 21:00, which was right before the hockey game was finishing.


Curtis watched hockey fairly late in the evening and once that was done, we had some chicken wraps and potato salad for dinner.

We watched some TV and we were relishing in the fact that a lot of stuff is done for the move now. Just got to pack up our small things here and dismantle the bed and then the movers’ll do the rest. Nice and easy.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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