Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 574: Vancouver, BC – Hand Delivery, We Can Stay & A Desk

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a fairly quite and slow day today.

He got some tickets done before his team meeting at 10:30 and then he got an uncommon request to move something to another location which took some research and was far more difficult than it should have been.

He got that done eventually and then post lunch was filled with tickets and some admin. He also setup the monitor he bought for Kim so she can use it whilst we’re at the old apartment.

Kim’s Day

Kim spent most of the day out and about! In the morning she worked on getting some HR stuff set up before she joined a meeting to help marketing.

When Kim arrived at the cocktail place she started labelling the cocktail boxes and sorting them out. That way when her teammate arrived they knew which cocktails were going in who’s car. Just before they left their other teammate came to pick up a couple of the kits too! Just before she left for the first delivery Kim received a notification in regards to her work permit, she has been given a work permit for the same amount of time as Curtis!

Kim then spent a lot of the day driving to a couple of colleagues homes to drop off cocktail kits. Everyone was masked and distanced so it was a really lovely and safe way to finally meet people!

While she was in the area Kim also grabbed a Popeyes for lunch!

Once she was done Kim got home and managed to get some actual work done.

First, she walked over one more kit to another teammate! For the rest of the afternoon Kim was able to get her head down and finish a few things, she first set up an interview, made a couple of calls and sent some more emails.


Kim found out today that she got her work permit and can also stay until 2023! So we both now can stay which is a huge relief.

We went to pickup a desk in the evening to use in our new place. Whilst we were on the way back, the person we bought it from said they forgot to give us a piece for the desk, so we had to go back again and get it!

We got that and came back home and then had some veggie chilli for dinner.

We ate our dinner and the did the usual TV watching for the remainder of the evening.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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