Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 572: Vancouver, BC – Shipping Many Exciting Packages

Curtis’ Day

Curtis began the day with a first day IT orientation. This one took a while as the person had not set anything up or even logged in, but it was good to be able to go thr whole way through the process with them.

Not long after that, Curtis had a team meeting for an hour or so and then did some tickets and some admin before having lunch.

After lunch, it was time for another long team meeting, and during this, some external software and some issues so Curtis helped inform the company about the outage.

The rest of the afternoon was catching up with tickets and still fielding issues about the software that had broken.

Kim’s Day

The even Kim has recently been planning is on this week so she started her day by making stickers for the cocktail kits that are being sent and delivered this week. She then had a team meeting to catch up, start the week and talk about projects and plans.

As there is a new starter Kim hosted and then sat in on the onboarding. The great thing is with the new team member Kim has been able to hand off a good amount of the work she didn’t understand to them. Its great for Kim because then she can focus on other things and it also means that the new starters get better support!

Kim then left to go and pick up the cocktail kits that are being mailed out but before she picked them up Kim went and got some gift vouchers to go in a couple of the kits. She then took the cocktail kits and went to FedEx to send them.

For the afternoon Kim had a meeting with her colleague about logistics for delivering the kits for later in the week. She then focused on some HR paperwork.


We had wine and cheese again for dinner to get rid of both the wine and the cheese.

We ate that and then watched more TV, including some more F1: Drive to Survive which we are really enjoying…almost too much!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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