Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 568: Vancouver, BC – Trip To Staples

Curtis’ Day

Curtis started the day with some tickets and responding to some messages from people. He also got some admin done.

At 11:00, he had a meeting with a few people, some from his team, some not, to discuss some project requirements. It was a fairly quick meeting, but a good one.

Curtis had some work to do from that meeting as well as some other tickets.

Post lunch, it was mostly tickets again and a surprise offboard he had to deal with a bit of.

Kim’s Day

In the morning Kim had a team meeting to go over the projects and ask a few questions. It’s one of the first time in weeks that it has finished on time! She then worked on some admin before heading out to Staples to pick some up. Kim then took a few items to a colleague before heading home. For the rest of the morning Kim managed to get a few smaller tasks done.

In the early afternoon Kim hosted a dance off where a few people followed along to a tutorial for Everybody by Backstreet Boys and then did the dance to the actual song. It was a lot of fun!

For the rest of the afternoon Kim had various team meetings talking about projects and then potential purchases and then another call in regards to logistics for the party.


Curtis watched hockey after work and then once that was done, we had some pizza and watched some TV, including the final episode of It’s A Sin which was a very good show!

We watched a bit more TV and some YouTube videos and relaxed.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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