Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 567: Vancouver, BC – Watch Your Face!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis got ready and went right to the office to get a laptop setup for someone and their equipment setup.

All went well, except for when he tried to get a monitor from the monitor arm and it moved and hit him quite hard in the face…It was quite painful, actually, but no real damage done.

Curtis got everything setup and ready to send out and also called up the courier to make sure that the pickup was setup correctly as the last time he did it, he did it wrong and had to had deliver it.

Once he was done at the office, Curtis walked home with a stop off at Starbucks to get us both a coffee.

When he got home, Curtis was informed of an offboard so had to do some admin for that as well as a few tickets that came in.

The afternoon was much of the same and then at the end of it, Curtis did some more Norwegian homework.

Kim’s Day

Kim spent the morning scheduling and organising meetings. Someone once said that scheduling is like playing Tetris and Kim really agrees!

In the middle of the morning Kim had a catch up with a teammate and they discussed a guide that they had been working on together. They also went over a few other projects that have been going on and are coming up. She then placed an order for some things before calling her colleague and writing a LinkedIn post with their help and input.

In the afternoon Kim attended a few meetings. The first was a marketing meeting, the second was a catch up with a colleague. She then went into some training for the applicant tracking system and had a chat in regards to how some things work.

Kim then had a call with her colleague to go over the guide. She went to test it by following along and realised it didn’t match up with what she experienced. So they had to redo a lot of the guide to include both versions of what might happen. It was a lot of glaring at a screen and tweaking formatting to make it perfect, but they got there in the end!


Kim made a pasta bake for dinner which was a spur of the moment thing using leftovers but it was delicious!

We took the recycling down and grabbed the boxes for moving from the car so we could start putting stuff we aren’t using into them as we go.

We then went out for a walk after we did this as Kim fancied one.

We then just relaxed for the rest of the evening.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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