Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 561: Vancouver, BC – New Processes, Staples & Date Change

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had the meeting that he postponed yesterday at 10:00 this morning and that lasted for 1.5 hours, but got that part of the project done.

When that was done, he had a lot of tickets and other things to get done up until lunch.

Curtis also had to change the date of our move in with all the relevant parties as one of the buildings couldn’t accomodate our original day.

After lunch, someone informed Curtis that they had purchased some software and wanted to get it connected to some other systems. There was no official process for requesting this, so Curtis decided to make the process and create all the documentation required for that. He quite enjoyed doing that and happy there is a process now.

Kim’s Day

Between meetings today Kim was able to get a lot of admin done, it was fantastic. She worked on plans for the next few weeks and worked on a free projects too.

Her first meeting was to discuss a process and how it will work with a few team members and it went really well. She then joined a planning meeting for a project she is helping with and that was really interesting. Kim learned a lot and is really enjoying being involved.

At around midday Kim joined the recruitment meeting and helped with updates. Then after lunch Kim hosted another dance party and it was fun!

Kim joined another meeting to discuss a potential project and how it might work. She then went to Staples before picking up the car from her friends apartment complex. On the way home Kim stopped by the old office to collect any mail.


We had some Nando’s sauce marinated chicken in the freezer, so we had that for dinner in a wrap, along side some waffle fries and a ceasar salad.

Curtis then watched hockey whilst Kim did some work and watched a movie.

We watched a bit of TV together after hockey.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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