Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 560: Vancouver, BC – Apartment Admin & Moving The Car

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had short team meeting at 09:30 but then after that it was full steam ahead!

There were a lot of tickets and questions in the morning, so Curtis had to deal with those and some were a little more work so took some more time.

He was meant to have a project meeting at 11:00 but that had to get rescheduled so he had some more time to get some tickets done.

After lunch, it was a little quieter but a good amount of time for Curtis to finish up some things.

He also had a call from an internet provider which he got installation booked in for the new apartment, as well as booking the elevators at each end of the move in/out.

Kim’s Day

Kim spent the morning on catching up with some of the smaller tasks she needs to get done. At midday she joined a team meeting to go over all the projects and give updates.

She then hosted the social call before joining a teammate for training on a few of the processes. They both then went to another team meeting to go over how some processes will work with a new team members and redefine some of the points. It was a great meeting and some great decisions were made.


Kim went out to drop off the car at a colleagues apartment for the night as our parking garage is being cleaned tomorrow and everyone was told to move their car!

Once she did that, she walked back home and finished off some work whilst Curtis watched hockey.

After hockey was done, Kim made coconut, lime and ginger chicken with coconut rice.

We watched TV, played games and relaxed for the evening.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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