Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 554: Vancouver, BC – 4 Apartment Viewings

Curtis’ Day

Curtis began the day with a meeting to go over some application settings and decide how it needs to be setup. He and his colleagues got through quite a bit before they had to stop and go to another meeting.

The next meeting was with the entire team to discuss some new project processes which should really improve how projects get done and get tracked.

Curtis was meant to have another meeting but that got cancelled, which game him time to do the rest of his tickets which were all about checking old user accounts and seeing if they are still needed or not. That took the rest of the day, with a few other tickets thrown in.

Kim’s Day

Today was had less meetings for Kim. She started her day by setting up a laptop, unfortunately she was greeted by an error message so the set up took a little longer than anticipated.

Kim joined a department lead to discuss a few job postings, Kim got some fantastic direction for the postings that she has been working on for the week. After this meeting Kim worked on the laptop for a bit before joining the weekly recruitment meeting.

At the beginning of the afternoon Kim dropped off a laptop to a new starter. It was lovely to give them a friendly, masked wave and say hello.

Once she got home Kim hosted a little dance party as a wellness break. Then she ran out to go and see a potential apartment. It was really lovely! The apartment building is further away from downtown than their current home, but it’s in a nice and quite neighborhood, it’s a smaller building and it’s closer to the beach! Kim and Curtis later submitted an application and are excited to hear back!

On the way home Kim picked up a couple of coffees and got some admin done before a small training session with her colleague.


We left at 16:30 and went to view an apartment. We had 3 back to back which was 4 in total for today!

The first apartment was a very strange layout but the realtor was very nice. We liked the space and the sizes of the rooms, as well as the large amount of storage, but the layout was just too strange for us.

The second apartment was alright but the lady was rushed and brought in another couple at the same time as us which stressed us out a bit so we left as you’re not meant to do that at the moment due to COVID. She also didn’t give us any attention whatsoever.

After that one, we went to one pretty close to home and the man was really nice. Unfortunately, the second bedroom was far too small and there were a few things wrong with the apartment that we couldn’t look past.

We got back home after a quick trip to the shop and made another Hello Fresh meal. This time, it was a deconstructed fajita which was alright but a little bland and dry.

Kim did a little more work, which ended up taking most of the night!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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