Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 552: Vancouver, BC – Late Evening Working

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had little planned for the day, but that gave him good time to get some tickets done. Most of the day was spent doing that, just getting tickets done, and he also had a quick training session with a colleague who showed him how to do a few things.

Kim’s Day

Kim started on event planning in the morning before she jumped into a recruitment meeting with a couple of department heads. It was such an interesting meeting and Kim got great clarity on the next few months.

She then joined the weekly meeting and gave an update before joining the weekly project meeting where they went over the action points.

From those two meetings Kim then joined a finance meeting to go over the HR system to make sure that the team have the accesses that they need.

Kim took a quick stop for lunch and then went to host a wellness break of meditation that one one person came to. So they used the time to have a quick catch up.

Shortly after that Kim joined a casual interview / chat with a candidate. Once the interview was done Kim had a round up conversation with the department managers to figure out the next steps.

Kim then did some training with her colleague on onboarding. Kim showed her the process and then watched as her colleague tried it too. It went really well and Kim is so excited to pass these things over to her colleague.

She then went out for a masked walk with her colleague and it was so nice. The fresh air was amazing!

When she got home Kim got some admin done and spent most of the evening working on job descriptions.


Kim worked a lot of the evening as she had to get some things done, but she really knuckled down and got them done which she was happy with, although she had to work fairly late into the evening!

We had some pizza for dinner and Kim had a bit of a relax before Kim got right back to work.

We did get to watch a bit of TV together in the late evening and then headed to bed.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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