Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 533: Vancouver, BC – Chats With Friends!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had some tickets to get done in the morning, some of which required discussion with his team, too.

In the late morning/early afternoon, Curtis had a quick call with some colleagues to figure out some email working for an automated process Curtis created.

Once that was done, he had to do a little bit of work on the automated process and eventually got that completed, meaning the project was done!

Curtis then had some lunch before jumping into a trivia with some people from the Vancouver office, which he did incredibly poor in.

Curtis tidied up some things and did some more tickets and then it was Leafs hockey time!

Kim’s Day

In the morning Kim had three back to back meetings. The first was the daily check in to meet with the team before everyone got into the day, the second was the high level weekly chat and the third was a plan the next few weeks.

To stretch a little after these meetings Kim went out and picked up some coffee. It was nice to get up and out of the apartment for a walk. She then did a little admin when she got back before she joined her first midday meeting.

The first meeting was only quick and to go over the structure of some upcoming interviews, the second was the weekly HR meeting and then Kim hosted the social call.

In the afternoon Kim took a couple of calls from people who needed help with a few things and also worked on a few documents. Then the team Kim is in had a chat with the CEO to go over a few things, it was a great chat. To finish the day Kim and her colleague helped a department head with a job posting.


Whilst Curtis watched hockey, Kim finished up work and then had a chat with a friend. She’s not spoken with her for a while so it was really great to chat with her.

Kim then had another chat with another friend, because she’s clearly very popular today!

We then made some dinner, which was a katsu curry. We already had sauce in the freezer so we just made that which was easy.

We just chilled for the rest of the evening, once we ate.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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