Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 531: Vancouver, BC – It’s Our Turn

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a slow morning, just doing a bit of admin and a few quick tickets.

He had his Norwegian lesson at 10:30 and then had a meeting right after to discuss some project requirements.

Once that meeting was done, he had to craft and send an email from that project, which he did, then he did some more tickets up until lunch.

Post lunch, he had some people message him with some issues so he did that, then he spent the remainder of the day getting the project work completed that he started yesterday. He was able to get it working how he wanted, which is great, now he just need to make some finishing touches and show it to the team tomorrow.

Once that was done, it was cleaning time as we had another showing at our apartment today (and possibly this weekend) even though we expected yesterday to be the last.

Kim’s Day

At the start of her day Kim had a quick call about the facilities project before joining a quick team meeting that will have happening each morning this week and then Kim joined a call to set up someone’s new laptop.

Towards the end of the morning Kim joined the weekly company wide meeting and gave an update. She then worked on a new survey to go out to all of the employees.

At 2 Kim hosted a wellness break for people to join as a lot of teams have a lot going on this week. Everyone joined the call and followed along to a guided meditation talk. People really enjoyed it and went back to work rejuvenated, which was fantastic!

For the rest of the afternoon Kim worked on updating a job posting and made a couple of LinkedIn posts too.


We walked down the street to an apartment to take a look at it as we wanted to see some 2 bed apartments around the city.

We didn’t like it too much, it was a strange shape, and not really 2 bedroom.

We came back home and waited downstairs to view a 2 bedroom apartment in our current building, which is convenient.

We actually really liked this apartment!

We headed out to the store right after to get a few items for dinner and then headed back home.

We made dinner, the potato/pea & cheese ‘thing’ as it’s super easy and delicious.

Kim got invited to apply for provincial nomination today, the same thing Curtis got invited to, so that she can use it to get a work permit a little easier.

Due to getting invited, Kim did a bit of the admin for that in the evening.

We watched some TV and chilled once Kim got that done.

We have no viewings, either for us or for our apartment, tomorrow so it’s a big relax evening!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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