Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 527: Vancouver, BC – 2 Days, 2 Takeaways!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a fairly quiet day, especially compared to the rest of the week.

He did some tickets and some admin in the morning and then had a long team meeting in the afternoon.

Once the meeting was done, Curtis had some lunch and then in the afternoon he had to chase a few people to do some things which were security related and then he did some more tickets.

Kim’s Day

In the morning Kim was getting ready when she received a phone call saying that the delivery driver was there and ready to pick up the laptop. She had totally forgotten! So she quickly wrapped it up and then Curtis took it downstairs to the courier.

Once Kim was ready she joined a meeting to go over some plans with a colleague and talk them through a few processes that they might need. Then Kim joined a meeting about a facilities project that is going on. In the meeting they picked a vendor and Kim reached out to them after.

Kim then had a bit of time before her next meeting so she popped out to get a coffee! After staying home all week stressing it was lovely to take a little walk midday and feel more normal. Kim came back to join a meeting with a couple of the executive team to go over some paperwork. It was so interesting and Kim is really enjoying helping with this process.

For the afternoon Kim worked on writing up a couple of job postings. She is really enjoying this aspect of her job!


We had a takeaway yesterday, but we are still out of food as we’ve not made it to the supermarket yet, plus, Friday is takeaway day, so we went up to La Cantina and ordered a takeaway!

We had this first in Whistler so we got it again here! We had ordered from the one here before but Curtis tried something different and wasn’t that impressed, so he had the same thing he had in Whistler today and it was delicious.

We watched some TV, played some games and did some cleaning/tidying as the viewings are happening again tomorrow.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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