Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 525: Vancouver, BC – Kim’s New Phone!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a team call in the morning, followed by some ticket work and then 2 calls back to back.

The first was a 1 on 1 with his manager, but he also used this to ask a few other questions as well.

After that, he had a follow up to the project meeting from yesterday and he managed to make a few changes to the document that was created.

After that, Curtis did some ticket work and then ate some lunch.

Once lunch was finished, Curtis had some project work to do, but before that, he went and picked up a package for Kim, which was her new phone! Exciting!

After he got back, he started on some project work and it turned out that what he wanted to do probably won’t work, though he needs to do some more testing.

When he stopped doing that, he had to create a lot of things for a request, which took the remainder of the day.

Kim’s Day

As Kim was getting ready for the day she received a message from her colleague to say they were dropping off the laptop, so she quickly went downstairs to take the laptop. Kim was also surprised with a coffee from her colleague, so that was really kind!

A little into the morning Kim joined a call with a potential new vendor which went well. Shortly after that call Kim had a chat with her doctors to discuss the shortness of breath and strange breathing that she has been experiencing. It was decided that Kim would go in for an in person check up tomorrow and maybe even have a folllow up COVID test. However, it’s likely that Kim doesn’t have COVID, but there is still a small chance that she could have received a false positive. There is also a chance that Kim could be experiencing the strange breathing due to anxiety. She feels totally fine in the day to day but it’s so important to check and make sure things are okay, be it COVID or mental health!

Shortly after the doctors call Kim had a team meeting. She gave an update on the strange breathing and it was a really nice conversation full of support. Kim really does enjoy working where she does, she is extremely lucky. They also had a chat about recruitment and some projects that are going on.

Kim and her colleague left that call to join the social call. It was so much fun!! Everyone just chatted and caught up. They also made plans to maybe play a few games online over the weekend, so that will be really nice!

In the afternoon Kim had a long call with her colleague so they could make plans for the upcoming projects and organise some of the team for the next few months. It was a great meeting and so much good stuff came from it.

To finish the day Kim set up a laptop and added a lot of information to a spreadsheet.


Once Kim was finished with work, we had some chili, as that’s all we had in the freezer, so we ate that!

We watched some TV and played some games, but mostly we setup Kim’s new phone and played around with that.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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