Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 524: Vancouver, BC – Many Packages

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had an onboard to complete in the morning, so he did just that, and then after that he had a meeting to kick off a project and get a bit more clarity around it.

Curtis the did more tickets and had some lunch.

Right after lunch it was time for another meeting, this time about an ongoing project and to get a document created. That went really well and the document is pretty much complete!

Curtis did a bunch of tickets in the afternoon and then he went to pickup a package for Kim.

Once he got the package, he checked the mail and there was another slip for a package. He went out to get that one too, but it wasn’t at the collection point yet, so he came home.

Curtis played some games and then hockey was on so he watched that.

Kim’s Day

Today Kim sent off more paperwork to new starters and then joined the weekly company meeting. She gave another update about all the things going in within the department.

Shortly after that meeting she had a call with a hiring manager to discuss and help with their job posting. Then in the early afternoon Kim had a catch up with her colleague to go over a few things.

Later in the afternoon Kim set up the laptop Curtis collected for her and she filled in some information for another project.


We ate some dinner whilst hockey was on. We had leftover pasta which Kim added a few things to.

Kim watched the new Cinderella film whilst Curtis watched hockey.

After that, we watched some TV and relaxed together.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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