Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 503: Vancouver, BC – Chicken & Dumplings

Curtis’ Day

Curtis did some admin in the morning, mostly with a slew of tickets that arrived to do some checkups on people’s laptops to ensure they are working as they should.

He had a Norwegian lesson which went really well at 10:30 and then he had a call with someone to take a look at a few issues they were having with their laptop.

After that, he completed a couple of the checkups and then had some lunch.

After lunch, there were a few tickets to do as well as some admin and then he finished the day with some training.

Kim’s Day

Kim collected and sent some info to her colleague for the weekly company check in and then she joined the meeting. She then had a slow morning ticking off a few items and getting smaller admin tasks done. One of the achievements was that Kim finally fixed the paid time off. She had to reach out to the support team and it turns out Kim just hadn’t scrolled down far enough and missed a tick box! Its frustrating but at least its sorted now.

In the afternoon Kim had three meetings back to back. The first was about some company merch that she would like to order. So Kim pulled together all the people who would be involved, she presented her ideal vendor she thinks that the company should work with and also shared the product that she thought was the beat fit. Everyone loved the suggestions and now things have been set in motion to get an order in. They also discussed and finalised a date for another party!

The second meeting was between Kim and her colleague where they worked through the paperwork needed for Kims provincial nomination paperwork. Then they both went over to a meeting with someone that will be joining the company soon. They discussed the role and the persons goals to see how well they align.

A while after that meeting Kim had an impromptu quick call with a couple of people to discuss a piece of writing they helped Kim with. One thing that Kim, and many other people, want to be beautifully written in all job postings for the company is the diversity ans inclusion section. So Kim asked if people would want to help and they did! So they all jumped on a call during the evening ro make a few edits together. It went so well and really encapsulates the values of the company.


Kim managed to finish working at a pretty good time and got started on cooking a wonderful dinner! Kim made chicken with dumplings, from her cookbook, which was like a chicken stew with dumplings in…Very delicious!

Curtis watched a bit of the World Junior Hockey Championship final whilst Kim cooked and once dinner was ready we watched some TV.

In the remainder of the evening, we watched more TV and played some games, too.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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