Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 502: Vancouver, BC – Double Office Visit

Curtis’ Day

Curtis was up a little earlier today as he had a call with a new starter at 09:00. This call was an orientation to ensure they were setup and everything was working.

Once did that call, Curtis walked down to the office to setup a laptop and ship some equipment.

He completed this about 2/3 hours later and went home.

He got a couple of things sorted, answered some messages and tickets and then had lunch.

Right after lunch, Curtis had to go back to the office to meet someone to fix something urgent, which only took about 10 minutes!

He walked back home and finished a few things before playing some games with colleagues.

Kim’s Day

Over the break Kim had been sent a few reading materials that are useful for diversity and inclusion during recruitment and hiring, so thats how Kim started her day. She went through the reading materials and later in the day Kimberley reached out to a consultant that her previously company had worked with who provides inclusive and diversity training to get a few training sessions set up on a regular basis.

A new starter joined today so Kim had a short onboarding time set up with them and a colleague to help set them up. They had a mini onboarding just before the winter break but the time today was to ensure that they have all the accesses that they need and to see of they had any questions. The meeting wasn’t long enough so Kim arranged a meeting later in the day and the other two went to another meeting.

For the rest of the morning Kim did research on some things for an event coming up in a few weeks and then she was asked to catch up with her team. So they all joined a call to discuss the projects that are coming up, the recruitment and a nice quick post break catch up.

After that meeting Kim and her colleague went back to their other new teammate to finish their onboarding. Kim helped for a bit and then they went into more role specific stuff so Kim left to have some lunch.

After lunch Kim tried to fix a few things with the HR system, but had no luck. She then had to reach out to the work mobile company to update something and that took a while. For the rest of the afternoon Kim worked on the facilities project as she went back to square one just before the break.


We were going to have something different for dinner, but as Kim worked late, we just had frozen pizza.

After that, we watched some TV and played some games, all whilst trying not to fall asleep!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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