Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 488: Vancouver, BC – Morning Call

Morning Call

We woke up early as we were expecting a phone call from the UK.

A company we both worked for needed to call us to confirm it was us requesting some information, so we did that phone call, which didn’t take long, and got started with the day.

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a team meeting and some tickets to get done in the morning.

He also helped someone with a few issues they had.

After lunch, Curtis had some more tickets as well as some admin for some people starting the company in the new year.

After work, Curtis played a few games with some colleagues and then played some until Kim got home.

Kim’s Day

Today Kim was in the office as she waa expecting a delivedy today. She spent a lot of her morning researching and comparing options for phones ahead of a meeting later in the day. She also updated notes for meetings for the week and familiarised herself with the information for the facilities project.

Around midday Kim joined a meeting with a couple of the executive team and the person supporting the facilities project where they discussed next steps and set up another in person meeting for tomorrow. There was a short break after this meeting before the final team meeting for the year. Kim asked a few questions and got approval for the phone plan that she had.

In the afternoon Kim updated the HR system with the time off feature and arranged meetings for tomorrow. She also spent a lot of time chasing a parcel that someone has sent to the office. Some other parcels arrived during the day, so she updated people to let them know that they had arrived. She also spent a lot of the afternoon ticking off smaller projects that had been pushed to one side.


We haven’t been to the shop yet, so we got some excellent pizza (as always) from Pizza Garden just up the road.

Kim picked Curtis up on her way home and then we ate some pizza!

We were tired from waking up early this morning, so we watched a bit of TV, played some games and headed to bed.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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