Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 484: Vancouver, BC – Holiday Quiz & Overall Great Day!

Curtis’ Day

Luckily, Curtis didn’t have to be up early today.

He had his first meeting at 09:30 and then was in meetings all day, again as it was team ‘retreat’ day 2.

He learned a lot of work related things but also some other things, such as information about Table Tennis as one of his colleagues. plays it.

At the end of the day, Curtis had a bit of time to get tickets done.

Kim’s Day

When Kim eventually found parking she went into the office and set up for the day double checking the quizzes and getting a few smaller administrative tasks done. Then she joined a meeting with the execs to discuss the candidates for the role Kim has been hiring for and great things came from this conversation! Kim also took the meeting to the facilities project to propose and alternative approach to something that had been decided earlier in the week. It was very well received and Kim has been given the green light to start that process and see where it goes, which is so exciting!

Between that meeting and hosting the winter party Kim called a few people to give them updates on their applications, both were lovely phone calls that are very exciting for the company and those individuals!

For the early afternoon Kim hosted the winter party! It was a two round quiz followed by some flexible time for easy games. The timings went out the window straight away and the 15 minute beginning hang out lasted for 30 minutes, but it was fun ans easy going. Both quiz rounds went so well and after the quiz a few people hung back to also play two rounds of Skribbl which was so funny!

After the party a few people joined another call to exchange virtual gifts! So they all purchased an egift card for someone else. Except that Kim was given a physical gift as her name was allocated to her colleague and she got a couple of hot chocolates and two chocolate bars! It was so thoughtful and sweet!

In the afternoon Kim called another candidate to discuss their application and that went so well. She followed the conversation up with an email before making a list for Friday and doing a few other smaller tasks!

Today was a really great day with a lot of wins and smiles, Kim had a lot of fun!


Once Kim got home, we had some chicken and rice for dinner, watched TV and played games. A pretty standard evening.

We can’t believe it’s Friday tomorrow, already!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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