Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 482: Vancouver, BC – Suprise Onboard

Curtis’ Day

Curtis started work by completing a surprise onboard which was urgent.

Once he got that sorted, he had his Norwegian lesson which went really well again, once Curtis got into the swing of speaking in Norwegian again!

After that, Curtis had to create a guide for the company which he used an previous guide for and amended it, making it easier to read and use.

Curtis did some more tickets and then had lunch.

After lunch, Curtis created a requirements document for one of his business analyst projects and he was happy with the outcome.

A few more tickets and some admin was done and then it was the end of the day for him.

He had a bit of a headache so had a lay down and felt much better.

Kim’s Day

In this weeks company wide meeting Kim decided to show everyone the new HR system, as she realised she had been talking about it for weeks but never really explained in great detail as to what it does. She also used the opportunity to use the announcements function to tell everyone in the company that the winter break has been moved forward a day or two to next Tuesday! So that was wonderful and a nice thing to surprise everyone with.

For the rest of the morning Kim did research and wrote up some communications to go out at some point. She also worked on a few things for the party, she reused a ‘how to play’ from a previous event, which was a huge help and saved Kim so much time!

In the afternoon Kim spoke with the execs to discuss the candidates that they have been interviewing and get their feedback. She was elated to hear that they really liked the candidates that Kim and her colleague had picked for them. They also had same thoughts and feelings about the candidates that Kim and her colleague had as well, which was good!

After that call Kim had a quick call and chat with her colleague to discuss the last minute booked interview set for the afternoon and they caught up on a few other things too.

Kim then hosted an interview and it went really well, they were a great candidate and it was a really interesting chat!

In the evening Kim sent out a second gift exchange pool as we have had people start since the cut off of the last pool of people. She then sent and update and some info on how it will work on the day to everyone involved! She then worked on a job posting for a new role that she would like to hire for in the new year!


In the evening, Kim made some spicy Nando’s sauce chicken wraps along with some homemade Mac and cheese as well as salad.

We ate that and then watched some TV, including the next episode of The Queen’s Gambit.

Kim watched a bit of a movie in the late evening.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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