Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 478: Vancouver, BC – A Half Day

Curtis’ Day

Curtis only worked for half of the day today.

Curtis spent pretty much the entire time doing an onboard and he also did some other tickets and had a team meeting.

Kim’s Day

Kim slept in a little (she doesn’t work Fridays) and then when she woke up, she had some breakfast and did a little work she needed to get done whilst she ate.

After that, whilst she waited for Curtis to finish, she watched a bit of the first Hunger Games movie.

Tacos & Coffee

We went out to get ourselves some lunch! We went to Tacofino just down the street and got ourselves a taco each.

Once we finished that, we went out for a coffee and a walk in the early evening. This was cold but really nice as there wasn’t too many people out, especially in comparison to the weekends.

We got back home and relaxed for a bit, then we went out to get some dinner.

We got some food from our favourite Vietnamese place, which was excellent as always.

We watched the film Juliet, Naked which wasn’t what we were expecting but it wasn’t bad.

We then watched some more TV and played games but we were pretty tired so we went to bed at a good time.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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